These Are 4 Rules For Greeting Customers Via Phone Calls

The first few seconds of a call can have a lot of positive effects. Starting from building nuances of cooperation, reducing stress, creating urgency and increasing efficiency. The sooner you can fix anyone’s problems, the less likely your call center staff will spend time dampening customer anger, and the less likely you will lose them. Apart from that, if your new business needs an easy way for your customers to contact your staffs cheap 1300 numbers, perhaps you need to try the effective 1300 Numbers.

So let’s review the basics of opening greetings and determine the greeting that is right for your business!

Rule # 1: Be Appropriate.

What are your customer types? What picture does your company want to create? Some companies are known for their pleasant, or formal personality. Although most companies serve people with different personalities, the most practical is to create a fresh and friendly impression that does not cross the line of politeness that might result in the caller being offended or underestimated. The best tip is to say the opening greetings with a smile. Because by smiling, your voice will sound different.

Rule # 2: Be Responsive.

What is the actual situation of the person who called you? If you handle emergency situations, don’t waste time appearing smart or polite. Be responsive if you are in this position. That’s why the general opening greeting for 911 is “Fire, police, or ambulance?”

Rule # 3: Be Efficient.

Even if you want to build friendly relationships, don’t add elements that waste time. Never include questions like, “How are you today?” They not only waste time but also cause some callers to forget the details of why they are calling. Even worse, they may be callers whose anger has been tempered or skeptical of your company. You might just invite responses like, “Terrible, thanks to you!”

Rule # 4: Be Sincere.

What is your call center agent’s personality like? This rule is often ignored by companies when they plan their opening greetings for their company telephone. Even though everyone is different. Even among your professional call centers. Some are cheerful and outgoing people, while others are more reserved and take care of themselves.

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