How To Be An English Teacher

English is an important language because it is the most common language all over the world. But learning English is not easy without a passionate and dedicated teacher, and that could be something hard to get. So, if you want to be an English teacher in Thailand, you could visit website of the TEFL in Thailand. English teacher has an important role because it teaches students how to read and write, how to understand it, how to learn from their peers, and how to have conversations in English. Success in becoming a teacher may be difficult to achieve, but there are several ways you can improve yourself so that you and your students get more results.

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Choose material that can attract students attention. Classical literature is indeed very important in terms of history and has high literary value. However, such work may be too long, boring, and irrelevant to attract students’ attention. Use shorter, modern reading or works that you think they will enjoy, maybe something about tourism or their local culture. Encourage your students to respond to each other. In discussions, students should not talk to you. They should throw questions and comments at each other, and you only participate to encourage discussion. They will go through the best learning process if they work together to build ideas and interpretations. They won’t learn much if you just tell them about what you think. Remember, you help them learn and one of the most important parts is teaching them about the best way to learn.

If students can hear and respect each other, ask them to discuss without raising their hands and wait to be permitted to speak. This method will create a responsive, fast, and interesting discussion without your help. If students chimed in without one another or some students monopolized the discussion, let the student who last spoke chose the next speaker. You can also find other ways to allocate talk time without having to handle it yourself.