Clean Your Carpet To Avoid Mites

Mites are small animals that are similar to fleas. This animal is not easily visible to the naked eye because its size is only 0.5 mm. Ordinary mites nest in mattresses, sofas and carpets. In these places mites can get their food in the form of human dead skin cells or the remains of other organic material water damage restoration north shore. The presence of mites in the house cannot be left alone. This is because mites can be the cause of itching, or trigger shortness of breath and other allergic symptoms. Mites that nest in home furniture must be eradicated. You can easily use various insecticides or other chemicals to eradicate mites. Unfortunately, there is a further impact that could interfere with your health. Therefore you should use Carpet Cleaning Northern Beaches services to clean your carpet which use natural cleansers that are not harmful to health.

But you can also try various natural ingredients to repel mites on your carpet. The first way to get rid of mites is to wash all the home appliances that might be a nest of mites with hot water. You can also add anti-bacterial detergent. So that the mites don’t re-nest again, make sure you wash the equipment regularly. As mentioned earlier, mites like moist places. To eradicate it, you can do simple things like drying things in the sun.

Not many people know that this one material can also be used to eradicate mites. Actually, tea tree oil is a versatile ingredient. The aroma and taste of tea tree oil are very strong and sharp. To eradicate mites with this material, you only need to spray tea tree oil around the mattress, the surface of the carpets that have the potential to become mite nests. Both tea tree oil and lavender oil have a strong odor and are very unpopular with mites. Spray one type of oil into places that become nest mites. In addition, dried lavender flowers are a means to prevent mites from coming back. The trick is to wrap dried lavender flowers in the cloth, then place the cloth on the carpet.

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